The People Behind BWise

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Our Researchers

Our experienced team of local researchers is the reason our data is so trustworthy.

Quite a few of our researchers have been with us for more than 5 (light blue), 10 (dark blue), or even 20 (orange) years!

Thanks to their hard work, we update our database daily, and our customers can make successful connections with their best local prospects.

 The BWise Story

we DID local Data before "LoCAL" & "DATA" WERE cool

We've been doing local prospecting data research before data was cool (or Big), and before "buy local" was the savvy buyer's mantra.

We affectionately call ourselves the "Wise Guys."

The name reflects our dual passions for great prospecting data with a local focus... and wise ways to use that data to help our clients build their businesses.

Since our start in 1980 as a local business directory publisher helping Atlanta firms identify their best local prospects, we've successfully ridden the wave of change.


We've learned that, when it comes to B2B data quality and accuracy, in this age of data scraped and parsed by algorithms, there remains no substitute for the human touch.

We hear it everyday: our continuously updated & carefully curated local site contacts get raves...

...while data grabbed by bots get groans.

Today, our research team painstakingly scrutinizes and telephone-verifies B2B  company and contact data for lead generation success in three local metro markets—Metro Atlanta, Charlotte Metro & the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex—and cover Georgia statewide.

hand-crafted local prospect goodness

Why get BWise?

Well, if most of your prospects are in your own backyard, or even if you're a national firm with a need to build local market share, which would your team rather use?

A national database behemoth that covers the entire United States & Canada?

Contact data scraped by web bots & "organized" by algorithms?

A crowd-sourced jigsaw puzzle with many missing pieces?

Or a locally focused database of companies & site contacts hand-crafted by "the local guys"?

Hope that's a no-brainer. Oh, and did we mention that all this local, hand-crafted prospect goodness is delivered to you with daily updates & a "Research on Demand" link to our Research Team via a powerful web, mobile-enabled and email marketing platform that works seamlessly with your CRM?

you TOO can be a wise guy (We'll Help!)

In the end, people buy from people, and data is only as good as how well it's used—everything from how well it's targeted, to how well your team interacts with prospects over the phone, to how well your email messages are written.

With that in mind, along the way, we studiously built expertise in all aspects of business development.

We really love to share ideas to help our clients get better at prospecting and lead generation, whether it's via a one-on-one coaching session, posting awesome biz dev tips to our Wise Guys Blog, or live discussions at our monthly Business Wise Insiders networking clinics.

So, for the cherry on the sundae, when you get BWise, you not only get great local data and a great lead generation platform, you get us—the Wise Guys—to help you work to continuously improve your new business development process. We are here to help!

Become a Wise Guy yourself! Contact us today to find out more!

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