Activity Manager, Your Personal Prospecting Workspace

Let me ask you an uncomfortable question…

How is your CRM looking?

Is it disorganized and cluttered (bad)? Is it empty (worse)?

The fact is, the path to a clean CRM that’s full of good leads starts with a step-by-step approach to new business development.

Step one is prospecting.

Step two is selling.

And while your CRM is great for keeping your sales funnel organized and trackable, it doesn’t do a very good job when it comes to your prospecting activities. 

Lucky for you, you have the BWise Activity Manager—a personal workspace for your prospecting activities that keeps your real CRM clutter-free and full of your top local prospects.

You can access it at any time by clicking the “Activity Manager” button at the top of your screen in BWise:

activity manager.gif

Here’s how it works, and how you can use it to create a clean, efficient, laser-focused approach to new business development:

First, Find Your Prospects

Every prospecting push begins with a search for companies that meet your target demographic criteria.

As we mentioned in a previous BWise Academy lesson, in BWise, that’s called a Query.

Now imagine you’ve told BWise the kinds of companies you’re looking for, and you have a few hundred results—good, local prospects who stand to benefit from your product—staring at you from your computer screen. What next?

Call Queue

One obvious answer is to start dialing!

Of course, you’ll want to approach your cold calling with the same kind of efficiency and organization that your CRM brings to your sales process.

That’s where the “Call Queue” feature in the BWise Activity Manager comes in.

From your query results page, simply click the “Call Queue” button at the top of the screen, and your prospects will be added to the Call Queue column in your Activity Manager:

call queue.gif

Just like that, you have a digital call list full of high-value local prospects.

Prospecting In Action: Record Your Activities

From your Call Queue, it’s easy to click through to a prospect’s Profile Page, find their contact information, and call them.

Whatever happens next—whether you didn’t get an answer, left a voicemail, had a conversation, set an appointment, etc.—you can record it by clicking the “Activity” button at the top of the Profile Page:

recorded activity.gif

You can even categorize your activities, identify which contact you spoke with, leave detailed notes, and schedule follow-ups.

BWise will log your activity as completed and remove the prospect from your Call Queue, so you can move onto the next good prospect.

Track, Learn & Refine

When you use Activity Manager to monitor and track your prospecting activities, it becomes the ultimate team prospecting tool. 

Every prospecting activity you record is saved as a part of that prospect’s profile, which means you can see what other reps at your company are doing, avoid duplication of efforts, and build on each other’s progress:

activities profile.gif

In addition, sales managers can monitor their team’s activities, search past activities by company or date range, and identify what’s working well—as well as areas for improvement:

activity manager 2.gif

Push To CRM

Of course, you don’t want your prospects to stay prospects forever. Your immediate goal is to turn them into leads for your sales process (and, ultimately, into customers!).

That’s why the BWise Activity Manager includes a feature allowing you to automatically “push” a prospect to your CRM once you’ve set an appointment or are otherwise ready to take the relationship to the next level:

push to crm.gif

(You can learn more here about the Push to CRM feature—just drop us a line whenever you’re ready to set it up!*)

Now that you know how to create an approach to new business development that’s lean, mean, clean, and clutter-free, why not set up your own Call Queue and start dialing? Your CRM—and your bottom line—will thank you.

In the next lesson of BWise Academy, you'll learn how you can take BWise with you when you're out in the field using BWise Mobile.

As always, if you have questions or need a hand, send us an email at

(*Push to CRM is included with select BWise subscription packages only.)