8 Ways To Connect With Prospects Using BWise

Now that you know how to find your prospects in BWise, you have a new challenge: how do you connect with them?

As you’ve probably noticed, you can learn a lot about your prospects from the info in BWise—industry, number of employees, annual sales, whether they own or rent their office space, and more.

But when it comes to new business development, the most valuable piece of information is the one that leads to a prospect connection.

You’re probably thinking, “Well, as long as I can call and email key decision-makers, I’ll be all set.”

Phone and email are great—but they’re just the tip of the iceberg. It often takes multiple “touches” (as many as 12 or more) before a prospect will actually engage with you.

BWise is designed to help you reach prospects in multiple ways, and when you’re looking to connect with prospects from new angles, the Prospect “Profile Page” is the perfect place to start. Every firm in BWise has one, and it’s full of information about the company and its decision-makers.

Here’s what a typical Prospect Profile Page looks like:

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 3.58.35 PM.png

There are actually 8 different ways you can connect with prospects using the information in BWise.

You can use the acronym PIPELINE to help you remember them:

Phone Call

The first P stands for phone call. Every Prospect Profile Page includes the company’s phone number. So pick up the phone and call (and be sure to use these rules for better cold calling)!


The first I stands for in-person prospecting. With so many ways to use technology to connect with prospects, it’s easy to forget that the old-fashioned way still works, too. Use your prospect’s address to drop by in person. Even if they don’t have time to meet with you then and there, it’s a great way to get on your prospect’s radar.

Postal Mail

The second P stands for postal mail. A firm’s address is useful for more than just drop-bys. Direct mail remains an effective marketing channel, and the Profile Page also includes each company’s mailing address. With BWise, you can easily create direct mail lists for your entire target market.


The first E stands for email. Email is the easiest, fastest way to connect with prospects. It’s also a great way to warm up a cold call or follow-up on a voicemail or drop-by. Just click on the email icon next to each decision-maker at the bottom of the Profile Page to send an email in your default email program.


L stands for LinkedIn. Social media offers yet another avenue for making connections in today’s world of B2B sales. You can also use the Profile Page to locate a decision-maker’s profile in LinkedIn, where you can view shared connections and send them a message or connection request. 

Invitation, Networking & Events

The last three in initials in PIPELINE refer to various additional strategies you can use to get in front of your prospects. First, invite them to come to you—you could hold a “Lunch & Learn” seminar in your office, or even just invite them out to lunch. Second, network with them. Find out which networking groups your prospects typically attend, and show up. Finally, use events like trade shows, expos, or conventions to raise your visibility and meet more prospects.

Remember, the most successful sales reps work every angle they can to connect with their prospects. And you can find those angles from the information on your Prospect Profile Page in BWise—plus a lot more.

So start working your PIPELINE!

And keep an eye out for the next lesson of BWise Academy, where we'll show you how to organize and track your prospecting activities in the BWise Activity Manager (and keep your CRM clutter-free).

In the meantime, If you have questions or need a hand, just send an email to support@businesswise.com—we’re always here to help.