Start Prospecting with BWise

BWise is the local prospecting tool you’ve been waiting for.

Successful companies and sales reps in Atlanta, Charlotte, and Dallas-Fort Worth use BWise to find and connect with more of their best prospects.

How does BWise work, and how can you use it to become a local prospecting machine?

It starts with our contacts.

BWise is full of trustworthy, locally researched contact information (updated daily by our research team) for decision-makers at thousands of companies in Atlanta, Charlotte, and Dallas-Fort Worth.

And while those local contacts are the engine under the BWise hood, that’s just the start.

With BWise, you can connect with the prospects you know and find your hidden prospects—the ones who you don’t know and who don’t know about you.

You’ll learn how in BWise Academy, our email course for BWise users. Whether you're a brand-new user or a veteran "Wise Guy" who's always looking to learn and improve, you'll discover how to make the most of your BWise opportunities.

In this first lesson, we’ll show you 3 quick-start tips to help you connect with good prospects right out of the gates.

But first, remember to register for BWise Essential Skills Training if you haven’t done so already: 

You’ll learn a lot here in BWise Academy, but there’s no substitute for our in-person, hands-on introduction to the basics of BWise.

(Our most successful clients all tell us that the lessons they learned in Essential Skills Training were their launchpad to more appointments and stronger sales. You already have the tool, so why not join them?)

Okay, ready to see how you can use BWise to connect with good local prospects? Check out these 3 quick-start tips:

Quick Search: Find Your Prospects

Here's your first assignment...

Think about a few prospect firms that are high on your list, and perform a Quick Search to view their profiles by typing a company or contact name in the top search bar:

Nice work! Right away, you have valuable information about a company in your target market, including how you can connect immediately with decision-makers.

Direct Email: Connect with a Decision-Maker

Speaking of decision-makers, let's use BWise to connect with one.

From your prospect’s BWise profile, click the email icon next to your contact’s name to launch an email in your default email program:

You're rolling now! In just a few clicks, you've reached your prospect's inbox, and you're ready to make a new connection.

Find Like: Clone Your Clients

For your last quick-start exercise, let's take it up a notch and find a hidden prospect—a good, local prospect you don't already know about.

Type the name of one of your current clients in the Quick Search box. From your client’s profile, click the “Find Like” button at the top of the screen to see other firms that share the same key characteristics:

Now you’re getting somewhere. Find Like reveals the real power of BWise: the power to find and connect with all your local prospects—the ones you know and the ones you don't.

You’ll learn more about Find Like and a few of the other key ways you can use BWise to find prospects in the next lesson of BWise Academy.

In the meantime, use what you’ve learned today—and keep exploring the tool. If you have questions or need a hand, just send an email to—we’re always here to help.