2 Lessons from a Wildly Successful Email Campaign

Frustrated by the lackluster results of your recent email campaigns?

A client of ours who sells copiers was recently in the same boat—he’d sent a few campaigns, but hadn’t landed any big, promising leads.

Then he got this response to his last email campaign:

"I am sitting here about to sign a contract on some new machines, but got your email... and before I do, I'd like to see what you have to offer."

He set up a meeting that resulted in the sale of 180 copiers—his biggest sale ever.

How did he do it? He followed these 2 critical lessons of successful B2B email marketing:

1. Repetition Works (So Be Persistent!)

For any given email to hit the mark, the timing needs to be right.

If you take our client’s story as an isolated example, it looks like his timing was really lucky—his email hit his prospect’s inbox right when he was about to sign an expensive lease.

But this wasn’t the first email campaign our client had sent to this prospect. It was the fourth. And only the last one hit the mark at the perfect moment.

Our client tilted the timing odds in his favor through repetition—a series of campaigns designed to maximize the chances he’d get on his prospects’ radar screens at the right time.

(And if he’d given up after his first, second, or third campaign, he’d still be frustrated.)

2. Offer Something Your Prospect Wants

Our client has a great business model—he sells brand-name copiers with less than 2 months usage for up to 40% off retail price, and saves his customers a ton of money. If you’re like him and most other B2B sales pros, you think your business model is pretty great, too.

Unfortunately, prospects don’t care that much about your business model. They care about what’s in it for them.

Instead of talking all about himself and how great his business is, our client created an offer that illustrated the crux of his business model in a much more compelling and engaging way.

He invited his prospects to find out if they’d been the victim of the copier industry’s most common dirty tricks—some less-than-scrupulous business practices that increase costs and decrease lease flexibility for buyers. That’s information that any business in the market for a copier would want to get their hands on.

And our client's prospects responded. His last message generated more clicks than his previous three messages combined.

Even if he hadn’t struck gold with that one customer, he’d have plenty of promising leads to follow up on.

So don’t let your frustration become a barrier to email marketing success. Keep sending emails to your prospects, and give them a reason to open and click by offering something of value.

{PHOTO CREDIT: paurian}