3 Lessons You Can Steal from Our Latest Email Campaign

You never know how your next message will perform. That’s email marketing, and it’s frustratingly uncertain.

But there is one sure thing about email marketing…

...you know exactly how your last message performed.

It just so happens that our last email offer (a resource kit on The New Rules of Cold Calling) did pretty well. Here are a few lessons we learned that you can steal for your next campaign:

1. Provide Value on a Topic Your Prospects Care About

When you sit down to craft an email, the first question is: what’s your offer?

An offer that educates, engages, or otherwise provides value entices your prospects to open and click. An offer that’s relevant to your products and services ensures you attract prospects that might actually buy from you.

Our clients and prospects are looking for all kinds of ideas they can use to set more appointments and fill their pipeline with high-value prospects, but there’s one topic that really resonates: cold calling.

Whether they love or hate it, “cold calling” evokes an emotional response for many of our prospects. As businesses that prospect locally, it’s also a key component of their business development strategy.

For your next email campaign, focus on one thing your prospects really care about. You’ll get more opens, clicks, and leads.

2. Offer a Way for Your Prospects to Raise Their Hand Even Higher

Every successful email has three basic click points that lead prospects on a journey toward action: the open, the click-through, and the conversion.

At each decision point, you gather valuable information about prospects and their level of interest in your offer.

And while successfully prompting your prospect to act is your primary goal, you can encourage prospects to raise their hand even higher with a “secondary offer.”

In our New Rules of Cold Calling campaign, we included a custom Appointment Setting Planner--a 5-minute survey that gives prospects a snapshot of what their local call list actually looks like, based on information in the BWise database.

Click here to see the planner for yourself…

...and you’ll see how a secondary offer can help you gather even more information on the prospects ripest for follow-up.

3. Find What Works, and Stick With It

Sometimes you create a compelling offer about what your prospect wants…

...and it still flops. What gives?

Did you send it to the right list? Is your offer truly compelling? Did you craft an eye-catching subject line and a persuasive message? The success of email marketing depends on several factors, and it rarely seems like an exact science.

But you can count on this: what’s worked best for you in the past is likely to work well for you in the future.

Our Cold Calling Rulebook offer had performed well before. That gave us a high degree of confidence it would do well again.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work to craft and test even better offers.

But when you find a “winner,” replicating it allows you to benefit from what works. Originality counts, but conversions count more. Let your responses and conversions be your ultimate critic.

Even if you’ve never used email marketing to connect with new prospects, you can be reassured by the fact that it doesn’t have to involve a dozen different messages or hours of work brainstorming, writing, and designing.

Often, it just takes one good email…

...that you can send again, and again, and again.