3 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Make that Extra Call (and Connect with More Prospects)

You know you have to make more calls to set more appointments…

...but all of a sudden it’s the end of the day and you haven’t found any time to actually pick up the phone.

Use these 3 surprisingly effective motivational devices to make those few extra calls (and tilt the appointment-setting odds in your favor):

“5 After 5”

A Business Wise client recently let us in on this great tactic when we were discussing cold calling motivation at Business Wise Insiders (our monthly mini-biz dev clinic).

To ensure he made time for cold calling every day despite his busy schedule, he set a daily goal of making five cold calls after 5 o’clock.

He called it—appropriately—his “5 After 5” rule.

It allowed him to go about his normal day without worrying about fitting in a few cold calls here and there. Even better, our client discovered that his prospects were more likely to be at their desks after 5:00, so he was able to make actual connections and avoid frustrating games of phone tag.

Most Sales Reps Give Up After the 5th Call; Most Sales Are Made After the 6th Call

Even though you know your cold calling luck will come in waves, there’s nothing more demoralizing than a cold calling cold streak.

No one’s picking up. No one’s calling you back. You’ve made three, four, five calls…

...and you’re starting to question the whole enterprise.

That exact moment is when ordinary sales reps give up... and successful sales hunters keep pushing.

Prospect connections are about “touches”—conversations, emails, and voicemails—and one connection can often require 10, 12, or more of them.

To motivate yourself to make that extra call even when it seems like nothing is working, remind yourself:

Every call you make that another sales rep avoids tilts the playing field in your favor. And that next call may be the “touch” that nudges your relationship over the edge and on the path to a sale.

What’s the Best Time to Call? Now.

Google “best time of the day to cold call.”

You’ll get 138 million results, which, taken together, offer evidence pointing to pretty much any time of the day as “the best time to call.”

Gathering information about optimal times of day for calling is great; knowing whether certain times of day are better and why can only make you a better sales rep.

But never let that information dissuade you from picking up the phone when you have a minute.

Some times of the day might be slightly better than others. But now is always better than later or never.

If your answer to the question “what’s the best time to call?” is “now,” you’ll make more calls and seize more opportunities than sales reps who look for excuses not to call.