A Landing Page Shortcut to Boost Your Email Marketing Success

Successful email marketing requires some patience. (Sorry, all you eager sales reps.)

It starts with an offer of something valuable and relevant to your prospects. Each reader that opens and clicks delivers you a lead for follow-up. Then you nurture your prospect through your selling process, toward an appointment or demo, and (hopefully) a closed sale.

But imagine what your results would be if more prospects simply requested an appointment or product demo?

If that seems like a stretch, try this creative landing page shortcut—and watch as your prospects raise their hands even higher:

A Lesson from the Email Experts

The other day, I received an email from Emma Email Marketing—a popular email marketing platform—offering a free e-guide entitled “The Science to Winning the Inbox”:

It’s a textbook email offer: free, useful information that appeals to people who might use Emma’s product.

And like many email offers, the link in the message led to a landing page that prompted visitors to provide their name, email address, and phone number in order to access the free guide.

For anyone who provides that information, Emma presumably follows up—with the goal of developing a relationship and eventually turning them into a client.

But the sales reps at Emma are as impatient as you are. They want to fast forward the process as much as possible, too. So they got creative…

Use a “Magic Box”

Did you notice anything unusual about the form on Emma’s landing page?

Take a closer look:

While the focus of the landing page remains on the e-guide, Emma gives visitors the option of checking a box if they’re also interested in a product demo.

Of course, not everyone will check the box—most will only want the guide, no strings attached.

But some will. And those prospects zoom right to the top of Emma’s priority list, ready to hear more about what Emma has to offer, no additional nurturing required.

If you’re itching to convert email leads into sales, try this shortcut for your next email offer. (And don’t worry if you don’t offer demos—it can be a consultation, appointment, visit, or call-back.)

We certainly will—and we can’t wait for the results.