A Sales Workout that Will Keep You at the Top of Your Game

How good are you when you call on a new prospect?

What do you say when they tell you they’re “not interested”? Do you know how to handle the curveballs and tough questions?

Even if you’re good, you can definitely get better.

Here’s a practice technique that’ll ensure you’re at the top of your game whatever your prospect throws at you:

Practice Harder Than You Play

You’ve probably seen that ring baseball players put on their bats while they’re taking practice swings in the on-deck circle.

Even if you’re not a baseball fan, it’s not hard to guess what it’s for: it makes the bat feel heavier for your practice swings… so the bat feels lighter when you step into the batter’s box.

Sales reps can achieve the same effect by creating especially difficult role play scenarios…

...that make the real thing seem easy by comparison.

For example, in our recent weekly sales meetings, our sales reps have been asked to give hypothetical product demos to the rest of the group.

During the hypothetical demo, the sales rep fields questions from the group (who play the role of the prospects). We interrupt. We nitpick. We ask for clarification. We express skepticism.

In short, we are merciless.

We do everything a real prospect would, but we make it even more difficult--not least because we know which questions are most challenging to answer about our own product.

And yet, every sales rep who gives a hypothetical demo comes away feeling much more prepared for their next actual demo, because they’ve forced themselves to practice under tough conditions.

Make it Tough, but Make it Realistic

A weighted bat makes the real thing feel lighter… but only if you can lift the bat in the first place.

Make your role-play scenarios difficult, but not impossible. If you’re too harsh or uncompromising in your practice sessions, you may demoralize rather than inspire, and you certainly won’t gain any skills that you can apply in a conversation with a real-world prospect.

But if you’re tough and realistic, you’ll gain confidence, experience, practical knowledge…

...and a lot more sales success.