A Wise New Way to Look at an Old Sales Trick (So You Can Start 2016 Off on the Right Foot)

It’s another new year in sales, which means it’s out with the old… and in with the new.

Here at BWise, the “new” is represented by our newest Wise Guy, my 4-month old grandson Milo! (See the picture above—he’s smart, adorable, and the principal reason for the recent inactivity here on the Wise Guys Blog…)

In honor of our new arrival--and of the new approach every sales pro takes to his or her job in a brand new year—here’s a new twist on an old sales rule that will have you setting more appointments and closing more deals in 2016:

What Does ABC Stand For?

If you’ve been in sales long enough, you’re familiar with the acronym “ABC.”

The A stands for “always.”

The B stands for “be.”

And the C… well that’s where opinions differ.

Old school sales reps—or fans of Glengarry Glen Ross—have been told the C stands for “closing.” But it doesn’t have to, and it probably shouldn’t—at least if you believe that the best way to sell your product is to help your prospect. That’s because...

The Glengarry Glen Ross Approach Doesn’t Always Work

Take a look at the classic clip from the movie:

…then ask yourself, “is this realistic?”

Sure, it makes for good drama. But no one I respect aspires to become a professional slime ball.

The most trusted, professional, and successful sales reps do two things:

  1. they focus on the next step in the process rather than leaping ahead to the final step, and
  2. they empower their prospect lead the way.

So how can you remember to stay behind your prospect as she leads you on the path toward a sale?

Always Be Curious

In 2016, the ABC of sales isn’t about forcing a sale down your prospect’s throat so you can close more deals for your quota…

...it’s about asking your prospects questions and listening to their answers so you can learn more about their challenges and priorities, earn their trust, and work together to arrive at your solution.

This year, before every interaction with a prospect, remind yourself to Always Be Curious.

It may not be the catchphrase in the next big movie about sales…

...but it will lead to a lot more of them.