How the New Guy at Work Can Help Perfect Your Sales Pitch

Think about your latest product demo for a prospect.

How well did it go? Could it have gone better? Are you confident you and the rest of your team are hitting all the important points in a way that resonates with your prospects?

If there’s any room for improvement (hint: there always is), there’s a great way to make your product demos more successful and get more out of your sales team...

...and it involves your newest employee. Here’s how it works:

Treat New Employees Like High-Value Prospects

We recently hired a new sales rep.

As we do with all our new hires, we set out to train him on our product—a new business development tool built on a database of locally researched business listings for Atlanta, Charlotte, and Dallas-Fort Worth.

Instead of forcing him to sit through a long and boring slideshow with detailed information about every product feature, I decided to take a different tack.

I started with a challenge: create a list of prospects using Google, while I performed the same task in BWise (our database). Then let’s compare results.

While we’d allotted half an hour for the exercise, he slinked into my office after a short time, admitting he’d failed to come up with more than a handful of businesses, and that he’d reached a dead end. Even LinkedIn failed to provide him a list of firms of the right size, in the verticals he needed, that were located in his sales territory.

I knew it wouldn’t be a close call. Our database serves exactly that purpose and contains tens of thousands of listings, updated daily.

(Still, I was heartened by the reminder that, even as the internet provides increasingly powerful ways to find what you’re looking for, real people can still beat algorithms when it comes to producing reliable local prospecting data!)

But what I didn’t expect was how much the exercise would resonate with our new rep. He experienced the value of our product in a visceral way, and was eager to learn more about how it worked.

I realized it was because I’d treated him like a prospect whose business I wanted rather than a sales rep in need of training. And it made a big difference.

Refine Your Pitch... and Set Your Reps Up for Success

The best part about this approach was that it helped me address two priorities simultaneously.

Not only was I able to “test drive” my product demonstration, I gave my new sales rep skills and knowledge he can use to do his job well.

And while this story took place several months ago, we’re still talking about that exercise, so I know the experience has stuck with him.

The next time either one of us gives a product demonstration to an actual prospect…

...we’ll be more likely to turn that prospect into a client.