How to Avoid the Appointment-Setting Mistake that Even the Best Reps Make

You know the basic rules of successful cold calling.

You get to the point. You focus on your prospect. You listen more than you talk.

And you sell the appointment, rather than your product or service, because you know you’re objective is to get to the next step in the process.

But that’s where even the best sales reps make a critical mistake that costs them opportunities:

Don’t Sell The “What”—Sell the “Why”

It’s not enough to say “let’s meet” or “we should get together to talk.”

Meetings are just meetings (and a lot of them are super annoying, boring, and useless).

When you sell your prospect on the “why” of the meeting—the value and knowledge they’ll get out of a conversation with you—a meeting stops being a meeting and becomes a free opportunity that you’d have to be stupid to pass up.
All those other rules for successful calls (be direct, focus on your prospect, listen, etc.) are designed to find out what matters to them.

The appointment is where you make some real headway—where you suggest, challenge, and inspire ideas and solutions.

So if you find yourself talking too much about the details and logistics of a meeting—or how you’d love to meet (ick)—you’re probably missing out.

Your goal is a meeting. Your prospect’s goal is to reap the rewards of a meeting. Give them a compelling reason to say “yes,” and chances are you’ll hear that word a lot more often.