How to Make Your Next Sales Call Your Best Yet: The Perfect After-Action Debrief [SLIDESHOW]

All-star athletes and successful sales reps have something in common: they review their “game film” to improve performance.

Whether it's sports or sales, the best players evaluate what they did well--and what they didn't do so well--to prepare for the next time out on the field.

To motivate your team (or yourself) to keep getting better, and to make your next performance your best yet, check out the slideshow from our June session of Business Wise Insiders (our monthly mini-biz dev clinic in Atlanta, Charlotte, and Dallas-Fort Worth). You’ll learn:

  • 5 questions to ask your team (and yourself) after every sales call to identify what works, what doesn’t, and what to do next
  • How to offer feedback that resonates, motivates, and improves performance
  • A checklist for best practices that will ensure you set more appointments with good prospects

Take a look!