How to Motivate Your Team (or Yourself) to Cold Call Successfully in 2015 [SLIDESHOW]

It’s 2015… have you resolved to be a more aggressive sales hunter? To get your foot in the door with more prospects? To sell more stuff?

Whatever your resolutions are, chances are you want to connect with more good prospects and turn them into customers.

And one way you can keep those resolutions is to become a more consistent, more successful cold caller.

To find out how, check out the slideshow from our January session of Business Wise Insiders (our monthly mini-biz dev clinic in Atlanta, Charlotte, and Dallas-Fort Worth). You’ll learn:

  • why it's important to make a commitment to cold calling in 2015,
  • how to set realistic expectations for cold calling success,
  • specific cold calling tactics that lead to more appointments, and
  • the number one way to improve your cold calling skills.

Dive in (and start turning your dials into dollars)!