How to Take Control of the Sale: 4 Reasons to Ignore Results and Focus on Process

“I need this sale. I’ll do anything to get my prospect to say yes and sign that contract. Otherwise, I’ve failed.”

That’s a sales mentality you can’t afford to have.

Sales reps who think that way will almost always end up disappointed. Here are four reasons why:

1. You Can’t Control Results…

As tempting as it is to think you can control the outcome of your sales process, you can’t.

You can influence the outcome. But the final decision about whether to buy, defer, or walk away ultimately rests with your prospect.

Even if you manage the sales process perfectly, your prospect just may not be ready to buy. It might not be the right time. She might not have the resources in her budget.

And if you can’t control it, you shouldn’t waste your time and energy trying.

2. ...But You Can Control Your Process

While the outcome rests with your prospect, the process is within your control.

It’s your process after all. You decide which prospects enter. You decide how to work with prospects to help them reframe their challenges and priorities. If a prospect isn’t a good fit, you can decide to move on to a better, more qualified prospect.

3. Process Provides Security and Accountability

And since the process is within your control, it allows you to measure success much more accurately than you can by looking at the outcome.

When it’s not working like it should, or when your execution isn’t up to par, you can practice, adjust, refine, and improve your approach.

Most importantly, a focus on process creates an optimal dynamic for both you and your prospect. It’s up to you to deliver what you promise in terms of insight and value. If you do, you’ll put yourself and your prospect in the best possible position to create a lasting relationship.

It also means you’re not pressuring your prospects to make a particular decision.

They feel free to decide the best path forward for their circumstances, and they don’t resent you for applying pressure. To the contrary, they value your willingness to help regardless of their ultimate decision.

4. The Sale You Need is the Sale You Will (Almost) Never Get

The best way to ensure you’re focused on process instead of results is to remind yourself that the sale you need is the sale you’ll never get.

Of course, that advice is a lot easier to follow if you don’t actually need the sale… to hit your monthly quota, or help pay the bills.

And that’s why a good process includes a focus on keeping your funnel filled--having as many opportunities at the starting line of your process… you have in the middle of the race…

...and on the home stretch…

...and crossing the finish line.

If you use your process to maintain a full funnel, then you won’t have to convince yourself you don’t need the sale--because you won’t need the sale.

So what mindset works best? Try this:

“I help my prospects see their problems in a new way. I provide information that leads to a solution. I discover prospects with similar problems. When I succeed, the sales will follow.”

If you think and behave that way, the results you want will eventually follow.

And you’ll be free to use your process to offer value, measure your performance, improve your execution, and watch as the results--and sales--follow.