Inspire Your Sales Team: 5 Discussion Ideas for Your Next Sales Meeting

Sales meeting time… your reps are eagerly sprinting toward the conference room, right?


Guess what? Sales meetings can actually be focused, inspiring, interesting, productive… and something to look forward to. (Yes, seriously.)

They’re also are a vital component of a positive sales culture.

Here at Business Wise, we use the acronym “BWISE” to guide our meetings. Help yourself to  the following discussion topics to promote interaction, improve discussion, and inspire increased sales opportunities and continuous improvement.


It’s always good to start your meeting off on a positive note.

At Business Wise, each of our reps talks about their weekly “best”--something they did or experienced they were happy about or proud of.

It brings everyone up to speed about positive developments, offers a chance to praise your colleagues for their achievements, and sets an example your whole team can emulate.


Our reps also discuss their weekly “worsts.”

It’s obviously not as fun to talk about what went wrong, or what you’re not doing as well as you should, but it’s just as (if not more) important as discussing your best moments.

“Worsts” are opportunities for improvement. “Worsts” are jumping-off points for brainstorming sessions. “Worsts” reinforce the notion that even the best sales reps should constantly strive to get better at their job.

And if everyone has a “worst,” no one rep feels singled out for criticism.


If the “worst” is our opportunity for improvement, “impact” is our means of improvement.

Encourage your sales reps to describe how they’re working to positively impact their sales performance and goals.

It might be a concerted effort to make more cold calls… or a commitment to apply a certain sales technique they learned in training… or how they’re using a lesson learned from a previous failure.

Focusing on impacts both reinforces a culture of constant improvement and encourages team collaboration and brainstorming.


Your team will be more productive and engaged if they believe they contribute to the overall success of your business.

Try turning your meetings into a living, breathing suggestion box, offering a chance for anyone to offer any kind of suggestion they want.

It’s a good catch-all for topics that don’t fall into any of the other categories, and great at sparking discussion.


Finally, make your staff meeting a forum for reps to engage with one another on specific issues.

Yes, we all have email and phones. So, yes, we can theoretically engage with our colleagues whenever we want.

But sometimes we forget. Or we can’t get our colleagues to respond. Or there’s an issue that involves one or two team members, but that the whole team would benefit from discussing.

And encouraging explicit engagement fosters direct, professional collaboration between adults.

Of course, there’s nothing magic about the “BWISE” acronym or any of the specific topics it contains. Rather, it’s a vehicle for the principles of inclusion, collaboration, constructive feedback, and constant improvement that are essential to a positive sales culture.

So feel free to use ours--or better yet, create your own acronym.

It’ll spell out a clear strategy for more productive meetings, happier sales reps, and a business development culture that results in more leads and sales.