[QUIZ] How to Be an Assertive Sales Hunter (and 6 Other Traits that Separate the Best from the Rest)

Most sales reps are mediocre. Others know what it takes to get a leg up, and consistently outperform the crowd.

Which category do you fall into?

At our May session of Business Wise Insiders we put our fellow sales reps to the test with our quiz on the 7 Winning Behaviors of Successful Sales Reps.

(You can take it for yourself here!)

To loosen up your brain cells, here’s the first question, plus a slide from our Insiders presentation that contains the answer.

Answer: Assertiveness.

Your prospects want someone to give them honest advice about how to solve problems and address priorities without being coddled or “sold to.”

Assertive sales reps successfully strike that balance. They are willing to step out of their comfort zone to give their prospects what they need, rather than serve their own interests.

To illustrate what assertiveness means, our presentation included a slide on something we call “The Assertiveness Sweet Spot”—a middle-ground between two extremes along multiple behavior spectrums:

Of course, assertiveness is just one winning trait shared by successful sales reps.

Take our quiz for yourself to see if you can identify the other six!

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