Take Your Email Success to New Heights with a Message that Engages and Resonates

Email marketing can seem like an uphill battle.

Bad subject line? Your prospect won’t ever open your message.

Boring opening line? Your prospect won’t keep reading.

Weak offer? Your prospect won’t act.

Confusing call-to-action? Your prospect won’t know what to do.

But as we discussed at our April session of Business Wise Insiders, thinking about email as an uphill battle can actually help you write more compelling messages that generate more good leads. Here’s how:

Help Your Reader Climb the Mountain

If you have any experience with email marketing, you already know that the purpose of email marketing is not to “tell and sell.”

In other words, you can’t just tell your prospects you exist and hope they buy from you.

In reality, your job is to lead your prospects on that uphill journey toward a click-through or conversion, when their own self-interest could cause them to slip up at any moment.

Because the fact is, your prospects only care about what’s in it for them, and don’t want to spend any unnecessary time or energy on something it’s not clear will help them solve a problem or address a priority.

Here’s a slide from our April Insiders presentation that illustrates the point:

(In case you’re wondering, yes, that’s the Matterhorn. We said it would be an uphill battle.)

Your prospect takes the first step on the journey up “conversion mountain” when she opens your email and starts reading.

And that’s where the danger starts.

Every word of your email matters. If your prospect is bored by your opening line… or if she doesn’t see the value in your offer… or if she has a hard time understanding your email… or if it’s not clear what she’s supposed to do…

...she’ll fall off the mountain.

That’s why it’s critical to develop a compelling offer, then write a message that engages your prospects, speaks to their problems and priorities, and makes it easy for them to act.

Pack the Right Checklist

After discussing strategies and sharing ideas with our fellow Insiders about how to craft messages that meet these objectives, we finished the session with this review checklist:

Try using it when you craft your next email campaign…

...so you can deftly lead your prospect on the uphill journey to the peak of “conversion mountain.”