Opens Aren't Everything: The Key to Subject Lines that Generate More Clicks and Leads

You wrote a great email… 


Just write a compelling subject line that gets more opens, right?

Well, yes—getting your prospect to open your email is obviously critical to your email marketing success.

But as we discussed at the September session of Business Wise Insiders, the most successful subject lines don’t just entice your prospect to open your email—they pave the way for more clicks and leads.

Here’s how:

Opens Alone Aren’t Enough

Okay, so you crafted a subject line that persuaded your prospect to open your email. Congratulations, you’ve taken the first step toward a good lead:


But the next step matters more.

Here’s what you want:


Here’s what you want to avoid:


Both paths start with an open. But only the first one delivers you a lead for follow-up.

So how do you avoid the OPEN → DELETE trap?

Good Opens vs. Bad Opens

More eyeballs on your message is a good thing, right?

Most of the time, yes. The more prospects you can get to open your email, the larger the pool of potential clickers.

But not all opens are equal. Some are “bad opens”—low-value prospects who will never click your email or buy anything from you because they don’t have the need you’re trying to fill. They’re a surefire recipe for OPEN → DELETE.

Others are “good opens”—prospects who could actually benefit from what you’re offering, and might actually READ your email and CLICK the link. Those are the opens you want.

Offer Value, Interest, and Relevance

So how do you craft a subject line that paves the way for more good leads?

Check out this slide from our September Insiders presentation:

As you can see from our imaginary Relevance Meter, vague subject lines (even catchy ones) don’t do a very good job of speaking to any particular prospect, or getting the rights ones to open your email. Sure, you might get some opens, but who knows whether they’ll actually be interested in what’s inside.

Other subject lines may have some connection to your offer, but aren’t clear enough.

The most successful subject lines are clear and relevant—they offer value, pique curiosity, and speak to prospects who might want your email is offering.

They’ll deliver you a lot more READS and CLICKS… and a lot less DELETES.

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