The Perfect Response to the Toughest Questions from Prospects

What’s your reaction when your prospect asks you a tough question?

If your instincts tell you to try and come up with the perfect answer that addresses all your prospect’s concerns, you may be approaching it the wrong way…

...and risk careening into a sales call death spiral you can’t escape.

Instead of aiming for that elusive perfect answer, try asking your prospect this question:

"Why is that important to you?"

The reason the perfect answer is so elusive is that your prospect is often asking a different question entirely.

For example, when your prospect asks “Does your product do this?”, they may really be thinking “Can this product help me solve X problem or address Y priority?”

Think about it this way: the only thing that matters is what matters to your prospect. A “just curious” question differs from a “beause it’s killin’ us” question.

They’re probably not worrying about whether your product can perform certain tasks.

They’re worrying about how to generate more leads, increase revenues and decrease costs, and get the most out of their employees and colleagues.

So when they ask you a tough question about your product, they’re really asking a question about their challenges and priorities.

And it doesn’t take much digging on your part to get there. Just ask them “Why is that important to you?” It’s a fair question for which they should have a ready answer.

That’s when you uncover their real question… or problem… or pain point--the very thing you’re in business to help them address.

Whatever they say, you can take the conversation in a new, more favorable direction that focus on how you can help your prospect, rather than what your product does or doesn’t do.

And you’ll avoid the death spiral and be back on track toward an appointment.