Why a "Hard-to-Get" Prospect Might Be Your Next Big Sale

Sales rejections can be hard to swallow. But at least you can get over it quickly and move on.

On the other hand, in-between reactions—the prospects who seem interested in what you have to offer, but still won’t commit to meet with you—can be harder to navigate.

How much time should you invest in convincing them? How do you know if they’re really into you? When should you give up?

We’ve got a tip that can help you get through those promising, but hard-to-set appointments:

“Hard-to-Get” Can Mean “Ready-to-Buy”

It makes sense when you think about it.

Prospecting is a little like dating. Sometimes, your prospect isn’t looking for anything serious. Sure, they’ll “go out” with you, but it won’t develop into a long-term relationship.

In fact, they may be more willing to go out with you—because it won’t cost them anything. They know they’re not ready to make a commitment, so they’ll meet with you once or twice, get some good ideas, then end it.

On the other hand, your prospect might be actively looking for a long-term relationship.

In that case, even if they seem interested, they may be reluctant to meet with you at first. They’re looking for the right fit, so they’re not going to “date” just anybody.

But here’s the thing: those prospects are much closer to making a decision. They’re looking for something specific, and if they find it, they’ll pull the trigger.

So here’s the tip:

When You’re Ready to Give Up, Keep Pushing

Don’t get discouraged. Stick with it. Help your prospect put all the pieces in place.

It may simply be a matter of giving your prospect one final nudge, or helping them corral the right group of decision-makers to be at the table when you make your presentation.

It takes a little extra work and dedication, but the ultimate reward—a long-term relationship with a great client—is well worth the effort.