One Critical (but Often Overlooked) Group to Include on Your Call List

Wasted cold calls are your worst enemy... you strive to limit your call list to high-value decision-makers--the prospects most likely to benefit from (and therefore buy) your products and services.

But there’s one group of really high-value prospects you might be forgetting: your former clients.

It’s an important tip that too many sales reps forget:

Remember to check in with your former clients from time to time.

Just because a client decides not to continue as a client doesn’t change the fact that he decided to buy from you.

And that’s exactly what makes for a high-value prospect--a sufficient level of need to trigger a buying decision.

Just recently, one of our sales reps decided to check in with a former client--an IT company who, when it came time to renew, decided our solution didn’t fit into their budget.

Our sales rep left a voicemail. When the former client called back, he was ecstatic. He’d just been talking with his colleagues about Business Wise, and was on his way to call us when he got the voicemail.

Our rep set an appointment, and is in active discussions with the firm about restarting a relationship.

Of course, not every former client is an ideal future prospect. Sometimes, clients choose not to re-up with you precisely because your product doesn’t fit their needs like they thought it would.

But just as often, the need is still there, and it’s just a matter of reconnecting at the right time.

So when is the right time? Connect frequently enough not to miss a new opportunity, but not too often to annoy.

And remember: whether you target prospects that resemble current clients, prospects who used to be clients, or prospects you want to turn into future clients…

...if you target prospects who have a need you can fill, your success rate will be a lot higher.