Improve Your Cold Calling Agility: A Fun & Fast Role Play Idea

You know successful cold calling takes practice. But as soon as someone says “role play,” all the eyes in the room glaze over.

So how are you supposed to hone your cold calling skills?

If role playing isn’t working for you or your team, shake things up with this creative approach:

Get Everyone Involved with “Round Robin” Role Play

In the typical role play scenario, one person plays the role of the rep and another plays the role of the prospect in a hypothetical exchange that can last several minutes. Afterward, the rest of the team discusses what went well and areas for improvement.

In “Round Robin” Role Play, everyone plays a part.

It starts with the same two people playing the same two roles--the rep and the prospect. The rep opens the hypothetical cold call just as she would in a typical role play scenario.

But when the prospect answers, he or she addresses a different participant, handing off the exchange to another person in the room.

And when the new rep responds to the prospect’s answer, he hands off the exchange to yet another “prospect.”

From there, the conversation bounces around the room like a hot potato. Eventually, everyone is in the mix, playing the roles of both rep and prospect interchangeably until the scenario reaches its logical conclusion.

Why does this approach work where the traditional approach fails?

For one, it keeps everyone engaged, involved, and invested in the outcome of the session.

So rather than worrying whether your colleagues are daydreaming or checking their phones, you keep everyone on their toes and tuned in, so they’re ready when a colleague passes them the “hot potato.”

In addition, it requires your reps to perform only in short spurts, rather than long, drawn-out scenarios.

Finally, it shifts the focus away from one individual and puts in on the whole team. You’re all in it together, which means no one has to go it alone or shoulder the burden of the group’s feedback.

Best of all, it’s more likely to result in a successful outcome, with all your reps pitching in to pick each other up and steer the scenario in the right direction.

In the end, everyone will be high-fiving, offering constructive feedback, and sharing ideas…

...and they’ll be a lot more open to future role playing that sharpens their cold call skills.