Email more deals right into your pipeline.

Ah, If only it email lead gen were that easy. Like any other B2B lead gen method, getting results takes time, effort, expertise, creativity and commitment.

Fortunately, if you’re a BWise client, you’ve already solved one of the biggest obstacles to email lead gen success—you’re got a trustworthy, targeted B2B list full of your best Atlanta, Charlotte or Dallas prospects and up-to-date email addresses.

Still, even with the best local list of prospects, setting up a sustainable email lead gen process can be daunting, so let our experts guide you. If you’re not currently using email to generate new opportunities, here’s our 5 point roadmap to help you get started!

  1. First, read our Wise Guy’s Top 10 (+ 1 ) Lessons Learned about Email Lead Gen

  2. Next, consider the main goal of email lead gen for your firm. Is it:

    • get more appointments?

    • get more registrations?

    • get the word out?

    • something else or all of the above?

  3. Next, confirm your target audience. Who are they and how many prospects are there in Atlanta, Charlotte or Dallas, the markets that BWise covers. (Hint: we can help with this!)

  4. Now, review your in-house skillsets and available resources for managing a campaign. Any great writers on staff with experience writing winning lead gen emails? Database gurus? People with experience using various email platforms? Don’t fret if the answer is no. We’ve got your back!

  5. Last, call or email us to set up a meeting to discuss which of our email lead gen options - Drip Marketing or Automated Email Prospecting - is the best fit for your specific goal and use case.

 Here’s our top 11 email lead gen lessons-learned, just for you.

  1. if you do it, leads will come, over time.

    Email lead gen won’t instantly fill your sales pipeline, but as you add it your lead gen mix over time, it can easily emerge as an essential element of your overall B2B business development strategy.

  2. it may have been your content, not the method.

    When we hear someone say, ‘we tried email lead gen and it didn’t work’, the culprit is often poor content. When we saw many clients struggling to write effective lead gen emails, we began offering copywriting expertise as a service.

  3. no one will open your best email ever if your subject line stinks.

    Even the best copy will never get read if your subject line is a turn-off. Avoid ‘sales-y’ pitches and gimmicks. Keep it direct, personal, and go for the meeting, don’t advertise, persuade or sell.

  4. if your EMAILs have no offer or call to action, you won’t generate leads.

    Nope, ‘Visit our website for more information’ is not an offer or call to action. A request for a meeting is. Never forget to be clear about what you are asking to your prospect what you want them ‘to do’.

  5. it’s all about your prospect, not you or your firm.

    Often, a simple, personal request to meet is what will get your prospect to reply, not a rambling parable about your company’s illustrious history and how amazing your people are. It’s about the prospect, not you or your firm.

  6. your best leads these days are replies and form-fills, not clicks

    Now that many firms use advanced email security software to auto-click links check if content is safe, it can be tough to tell which click is done by a real person and which by a bot. So, ask your prospects to reply or call you directly. Or, ask them to complete a form to receive your offer or register for your event. Replies and form-fills are always the best leads!

  7. email and phone TOGETHER get you more leads than email alone.

    Beyond calling just prospects that reply or form fill, call as many ‘A prospects’ in your list as often as possible. There’s a synergy that happens with a 1-2 email & call prospecting punch that repeated over time, produces best results.

  8. MAKE SURE email servers can tell your messages are really sent by you

    By default, messages sent from email marketing platforms like MailChimp, Constant Contact, and others are sent ‘via’ the 3rd party’s default sending domain. Ask your email partner for instructions to ‘white label’ the campaigns they send for you so the ‘sending’ and ‘signing’ domains of emails they send match the domain of your From/Reply email address.

  9. CORRECT ‘DNS’ EMAIL SETTINGS ARE ESSENTIAL if you want to reach the inbox

    Correctly configured DNS (Domain Name Server) mail settings for SPF, DKIM and DMARC are essential to ensure emails you send can be authenticated by receiving servers as truly sent by your firm and not someone else. This helps ensure they’re more likely to reach the inbox vs. a junk folder or even blocked altogether. Our email experts can help!

  10. CHOOSE THE platform that matchES YOUR lead gen purpose and AUDIENCE SIZE

    Use an ‘Email Marketing’ platform if your target audience is large and/or you need to send scheduled, time-sensitive messages, like event invites. But, if you just wish to send meeting requests and consider using an ‘Automated Email Prospecting’ platform. (Both are available with BWise).

  11. be FAMILIAR WITH Office 365 and gmail policies when you use email automation

    Email automation platforms are able to achieve higher open rates than ‘bulk’ email marketing platforms because they send directly from your Office 365 or Gmail account. However, if using email automation, be aware of Microsoft’s outbound sending policy and Google’s sending limits. Send no more than 250 emails a day and update content often.

Email Lead Gen Resources

The first rule of successful email lead gen is this: it’s not about you. It’s about your prospect. Every component of your campaign—from your “offer,” to the words in your email, to your subject line—should speak to your prospect’s priorities and challenges.

5 Key Steps To Email Offers That Deliver Leads

Without a compelling email “offer,” your prospect has no reason to click or reply. Use this step-by-step guide to create email offers that resonate with your prospects, and deliver you leads and sales.

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How To Write Emails That Deliver Leads & Sales

Email marketing can be a potent source of new leads… if you do it right. Use this step-by-step guide to write emails that deliver clicks, leads & sales. Need a better email list?

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BWise Drip Marketing :
Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know how to build your emails in BWise? Wondering whether you can import your own HTML? Want to know how to schedule a campaign or set up a split test? Check our our FAQ below, or email us at


When emails go out from BWise Drip, does it look like it comes from Business Wise or your own company?

Drip Campaigns are sent with your information (name, address, domain) as if they were sent by your company.

What should you consider to gain email messaging effectiveness?

The 40-40-20 rule: 40% of the results of your marketing efforts will come from your list, 40% from your offer, and 20% from everything else. Make sure you are targeting the right contacts, and that your offer will resonate with them. Things like which font you use and what day to send just don’t matter a whole lot.

What is the difference between opens and clicks?

An “open” is when someone opens the email, and a “click” is when someone clicks on the linked text inside of the email. Open rates show you how well your subject line worked.


What, if any, are the content restrictions for BWise Drip Email Lead Gen messages?

  • Images must be on your website, or uploaded to the drip servers; no 3rd party

  • Messages must be from your company, marketing your company

  • No deceptive language in your subject line or message

Can you load content from other email systems?

Some email providers have restrictions on using content created in their system. Check your other provider’s ‘Terms of Service’. If you can use your content, we can help walk you through any necessary edits to get the existing content into BWise.

Why should you consider using “the Wise Guys” for message content creation?

Most email providers require recipients opt-in to receive email. So most copywriters don’t have experience writing emails to people who have not opted in. We’ve written many, many emails, for ourselves and our clients. We know what works. Click here to learn more about Engage, our full-service email marketing package.

Can we just send the newsletter we’ve been sending from our other system?

You don’t walk up and hug strangers, do you? You’ve been sending your newsletter to people you have a relationship with. They know you, you can speak to them differently and about different things than you would with someone you don’t know. Also, lots of email providers do not allow users to send content that was created in their software though another email provider.

Using Drip Alongside Other Platforms

Why should I consider adding BWise Drip Email Lead Gen when I already use another email marketing platform?

Other email platforms are great, but most do not allow you to email contacts who did not expressly opt in to receive your content. BWise Drip allows you to engage with prospects who may not yet know you.

Can I download BWise email addresses to use in other email marketing platforms?

You can not scrape, harvest, download, export, or otherwise collect email addresses from BWise to use in other email marketing platforms. Collecting the addresses violates the terms of our lease, as well as the terms of most other email platforms.

How does BWise Drip Email Lead Gen platform differ from other marketing automation systems?

Marketing automation and other Email providers are great for nurturing relationships with people who already know you. But how do you reach the people you don’t know, and who don’t know you? The other systems may help you close a deal, but they’re not going to help you find new leads. BWise helps you with both.

DripList Management

Can you send different content to different audiences?

You can send different content to different audiences. It is important to consider beforehand (and measure afterwards) the benefit of doing this, because there is additional time and work required to create distinct DripLists and messages for your distinct audiences (remember the 40-40-20 rule?)

After I send my email, how do I get the next 10,000 contacts into my drip list?

That’s not how Drip Marketing is set up. It takes 7+ contacts for a prospect to really notice/remember you and your product. BWise Drip Marketing is designed to repeatedly ‘drip’ your message onto your prospects, not to “spray and pray” at as many people as possible.


Understand Your Drip Marketing Options

With Business Wise, you have several options for how you use Drip Marketing to connect with prospects:



  • Up to 20,000 email addresses per campaign

  • Up to 12 emails/year

  • Access to Creative Manager & Campaign Manager



  • Up to 20,000 email addresses per campaign

  • Up to 12 emails/year

  • Access to Creative Manager & Campaign Manager

  • Landing Pages With Lead-Capture Forms

  • Creative Services: 3 Custom-Crafted Emails & 3 Custom-Designed Landing Pages

  • Full-Service Campaign Administration

engage plus.png

Engage Plus

  • Up to 20,000 email addresses per campaign

  • Up to 12 emails/year

  • Access to Creative Manager & Campaign Manager

  • Landing Pages With Lead-Capture Forms

  • Creative Services: 6 Custom-Crafted Emails & 6 Custom-Designed Landing Pages

  • Full-Service Campaign Administration


BWise Drip Marketing Engage:
Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Engage Package?

The Business Wise Drip Marketing Engage package is our full-service email marketing package.

You’ll receive your own customized creative services from our in-house team to use as part of your email lead-gen efforts targeting contacts in the BWise database.


What Creative Services Do I Receive as Part of the Engage Package?

Engage clients receive 3 custom email messages and 3 custom landing pages, both with original content created by our in-house creative services team.

In total, Engage clients can send up to 12 times per year to each contact on their DripLists. Typically, clients will send each of their 3 custom offers at least once. For the remaining 9 sends, clients can choose to resend some or all of their previous custom offers, based on campaign success rates and input from our creative services and Drip Marketing teams.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a dedicated, stand-alone web page designed to capture leads.

Unlike pages on a typical company website, navigation from a landing page is limited. Instead, visitors are prompted to take one action only (e.g., contact your company, subscribe to a newsletter, download a digital product, register for an event, etc.).

Landing pages can boost your email marketing success by reinforcing your offer and increasing the chances that your prospect will act on it. They can also capture valuable information for follow-up, through the use of forms.

Engage clients receive 3 custom landing pages for use in connection with their custom email offers.

All landing pages are built and managed using the landing page builder, and are designed with the goal of providing you a modern, professional product that emulates your existing online brand.

Admin / Process

What Other Services Will I Receive?

Engage clients also receive campaign administrative services. That means our Drip Marketing team will be responsible for loading emails into the system, performing tests, and scheduling official campaign launches—all in full consultation with the client.

Our team will also help analyze the results of your campaigns and offer strategic recommendations, as well as provide full hands-on support as necessary.

Will I Have Input on the Templates, Emails, and Landing Pages?


Our goal is to create email offers and landing pages that are consistent with how you want to present your business to your prospects—from the “voice” of your email campaigns to the look and feel of your landing pages—and that generate high-value leads for follow-up.

As soon as you decide to proceed with the Engage package, our creative services team begins gathering information from your website and from any discussions you’ve had with Business Wise representatives, in preparation for an initial “discovery” conversation (typically a phone call) with representatives of your business to determine a preliminary plan of action.

As part of that “discovery” call, our team will:

  • cover our standard creative process,

  • present ideas based on our extensive experience with email marketing and our research specific to your business, and

  • ask about any guidance that you may have for the content or design of your campaigns.

From there, we’ll begin drafting an initial email offer, with a link to a draft landing page, for your review and approval. Once approved, that initial offer and landing page will serve as the templates for any subsequent campaigns, the content of which will be developed in full consultation with the client at every step.

How Do I Know When I Get a Lead / How Do I View the Results of My Engage Campaigns?

Unbounce landing pages can be configured to provide you with real-time notifications of any leads captured as part of your email campaigns. You can also view “click-through” reports directly by logging into BWise.

In addition, while our team handles the administrative duties for our Engage clients in both the BWise Drip Marketing and Unbounce platforms, we can provide detailed campaign reports upon request, including open, click, and conversion rates, as well as the results of any A/B split tests.


Do You Have Any Examples of Your Work?

Here are three examples of the kinds of emails and landing pages you can expect to receive with an Engage subscription:

Email Examples:


Landing Page Examples: