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Local Prospecting: Find Your Hidden Prospects in ATL, CHA, and DFW

There are plenty of tools and resources for large companies that sell nationwide.

But what if you don't have a national scope? What if you'd benefit more from information about the prospects in the local markets you care about?

Good news: if you focus on the Atlanta, Charlotte, or Dallas-Fort Worth markets, we've got you covered.

Use the resources below to find and connect with your best local prospects:

Sales Skills: Take Your B2B Sales Game to the Next Level

Cold Calling: Set More Appointments, Sell More Stuff

Wait, cold calling is dead, right?


Believe it or not, smart sales reps still use cold calling as an effective tool for reaching good prospects and setting appointments that lead to sales. The reps who insist cold calling is dead? They're just doing it wrong.

Use these free resources for more successful cold calling:

Email Marketing: Turn Local Clicks into Local Leads

Sales Leadership: Build and Inspire a High-Performing Team