Become part of our family.

Business Wise was founded in 1980 as a family business, and it remains one to this day. That means our employees are family, too. We hire people with integrity and passion—people we’re proud to count as part of our team. We value work-life flexibility, and we lean on each other. One of our core values is that the words “Not my job” are not spoken here.

Our researchers make us unique.

Locally researched business data for Atlanta, Charlotte & Dallas-Fort Worth is what makes Business Wise the most trustworthy and effective tool for local business development in the markets we serve. Our Research Associates make it all possible.


Why join the Wise Guys team?


Yes, we offer healthcare, vacation benefits, workplace, and work-hour flexibility, plus a matching 401K plan for full-time staff positions. But that's not what makes us unique.

Business Wise is unique because of the company we keep: smart, productive, self-motivated people who do the right thing.

We operate as a family business with a professional approach, committed to disciplined growth and continuous improvement. We're small enough to manage and relate as individuals, yet resolved to grow through the development of scalable business processes.

Since 1980, we have grown, learned, reinvented, and improved while staying true to our purpose of providing the best lead-generation data, tools, and ideas for new business development.

How do you know if you have the right educational major for a successful career at Business Wise? Suffice it to say that Business Wise team members come from a variety of backgrounds (including architecture, geology, political science, project management, education... and even sales and marketing!).

In addition to diversity of educational background, our staff ranges in age (from 20-somethings to 60-somethings) and reflects our broader community in virtually all other aspects.

At Business Wise, the most valued and admired qualities are flexibility, life-long learning, self-motivation, and steady performance. If that describes you, consider becoming a Wise Guy for yourself!