1. Survey Your Local Landscape

Are you up to speed on the demographics of the Atlanta B2B market? You are now. Click below for a detailed snapshot of Atlanta businesses, broken down by business size, location, industry, and estimated sales.


2. Map Out Your Strategy

The most successful local sales teams know their territories inside and out. Click below to download Atlanta zip code maps by county—to improve targeting and assign territories to your sales team.


3. Use Smart Local Prospecting Tactics

Some sales and marketing tactics work no matter what kind of business you’re in. The four tips in this e-guide, however, are especially effective for B2B firms that prospect locally. Use them to gain an edge on your competition!


4. View a Snapshot of Your Best Prospects

How many companies do you think are in your target market? (Fewer than a thousand? Well over ten thousand?) To find out the exact number, take a few minutes to answer a few questions about your target market.

After you submit your answers, you'll receive a custom analysis of the local firms and decision-makers that actually need what you offer (and catch a glimpse of a whole new world of good local prospects!).