Increasingly, cold calling seems like an uphill battle. Today’s sales reps constantly ask themselves...

The answer to all of those questions is a resounding "YES!" when you use the New Rules of Cold Calling to guide your approach to setting appointments on the phone.

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RULE No. 1: Start With A Good Call List

RULE No. 2: Research Wastes Time

RULE No. 3: Don't Sell Your Product

RULE No. 4: Take "No" For An Answer

RULE No. 5: Use A Better Script


RULE No. 1

Start With A Good Call List


Old Rule:

Call as many prospects as you can.


Take the time to create a targeted list of your highest-value prospects.

When you call indiscriminately, you waste time on “bad” prospects who will never buy from you because they don’t stand to benefit from what you offer. A list of good prospects leads to a higher success rate.

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RULE No. 2

Research Wastes Time


Old Rule:

Research your prospects thoroughly before you call them.

New Rule:

Profile your prospects according to categories to maximize efficiency.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 4.38.25 PM.png

Detailed research about a specific company on your list takes time. And the less time you spend on the phone, the higher your success rate needs to be to set the same number of appointments.

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RULE No. 3

Don't Sell Your Product


Old Rule:

Sell your prospect on the benefits of your product.

New Rule:

Focus on getting to the next step in the process (a meeting) rather than the final step (a sale) by selling the benefits of an appointment:

...because prospects don’t care about your product; they care about their own problems.

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RULE No. 4

Take "No" For An Answer


Old Rule:

View every prospect as a potential appointment, and don’t give up.

New Rule:

Don’t focus on individual prospects; focus on total appointments.

Again, your cold calling time is finite. Every extra second you spend on a definite “no” takes time away from a possible “yes.”

You’ll set more appointments faster if you spend your valuable time talking to prospects who are likely to say “yes,” rather than wasting time trying to convince prospects who resist.

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RULE No. 5

Use A Better Script


Old Rule:

Memorize a rigid script.

New Rule:

Be situational, flexible, and conversational. Ask questions, and listen more than you talk.

Nevertheless, many sales reps continue to use cold call scripts that are outdated and ineffective. To separate the myths from the facts about what to say on the phone, avoid using scripts that waste your and your prospect's time, or that treat the prospect with anything less than full professional respect.