What Do People Say About...

What Do People Say About Our Data?

Business Wise is without question the best contact database tool in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and I have looked at all of them (nationally and locally). Not only is the data almost always accurate, but if for some reason it is out of date or incorrect, to be able to have your research group update it within 24 hours is a fantastic service.
— Mike Otillo, Research Manager, Colliers International, Dallas
Business Wise, you all rock! With special shout-outs to Cynthia, Randall, and Josh, thanks to the entire team for your signature brand of support. You guys get the top rating for quality of data (so important!), and uncommon service and support—a stellar combination and greatly appreciated!
— Kathy Falcone, Marketing Contractor for 2 Business Wise clients
Business Wise has quickly become one of our essential tools used by our sales force. I have found the information they provide to be extremely reliable and we use this information to not only identify new potential customers, but to also penetrate new accounts. Clearly Business Wise is the leader in local business intelligence.
— Charlie Beck, Director, Cushman & Wakefield, Dallas
Hoovers cannot hold a flame to your company.  I think you have a really great product.
— Lisa Hardy, Sales, Monster.com
Business Wise is ground zero for very granular profile data on our target market in Atlanta. As a boutique managed IT services provider, we are looking for a very specific type of client in terms of industry, headcount, sales volume, site type and potential for growth. Their team stays on top of changing local data in a manner that can’t be duplicated by other database providers – local or national.
— Jed Fearon, Solution Advisor, ProviDyn Inc
Business Wise is like a local version of Hoovers on steroids.
— Gus Cawley, President, The LawStaff Group
I’ve used D&B, Hoovers, InfoUSA and every other database out there. Business Wise wins, hands-down. I wish you were everywhere!
— John Davis, Senior Recruiter, Accountants One, Atlanta
Not having Business Wise would be like going to a gunfight with a butter knife. It just doesn’t work. I rely very heavily on Business Wise for account demographics, contact names, and scheduling my cold calls. BWise is a very powerful tool, and I would struggle without it.
— Jason Crymes, Ricoh Business Solutions, Atlanta
Business Wise is one of the best sources available as it is local and continuously updated. The Charlotte Chamber has been a subscriber for more than 6 years and could not be more satisfied!
— Erin Casullo Watkins, Senior Director, Research, Charlotte Chamber of Commerce
Business Wise is the most comprehensive and accurate prospecting tool I have seen. It’s like having a research team at your fingertips.
— Jessica Helms, Director of Sales & Marketing, Hampton Inn Suites Southpark at Phillips Place, Charlotte
‘Hands down’ the best client database I ever used. Previously, I was an InfoUSA client and was under the impression they were the best in the industry. Business Wise is ahead of them in ALL aspects based on my experience; from customer service to ease of use.
— David Keene, Principal, Walden Businesses, Atlanta
I am absolutely LOVING BusinessWise so far! Better than any database I’ve used before.
— Jayce McClellan, All Covered

What Do People Say About Our Client Services?

Just wanted to thank you again for working so hard to customize your system so Texas Security Bank staff can access it in a way that works best for us. It’s awesome to have someone listen to your needs and solve problems without delay! Thank you again!
— Laura Jones, Banking Office and Senior Credit Analyst, Texas Security Bank
Not only is your product user friendly, but your staff has given additional support every time we’ve had a question, suggestion or wanted to search in a more in-depth manner.
— Kit Reames McClung, Corporate Sales Manager, Callaway Gardens, Atlanta
Their customer service reps are knowledgeable and friendly and go out of their way to find you the information you need.
— Jessica Helms, Director of Sales & Marketing, Hampton Inn Suites Southpark at Phillips Place, Charlotte
Business Wise is an excellent resource, and it’s an even better product because of their great people, who are so helpful.
— Rachael Slotin, Research Associate, Atlanta Business Chronicle
Anytime that I have questions or need more information, the staff at Business Wise has always been very attentive.
— Julie Pickett, Branch Manager, Staffing Solutions, Atlanta

What Do People Say About Biz-Dev with BWise?

I would recommend Business Wise to ANYONE in ANY type of sales position. In fact, I would go as far as to say, if you are NOT using Business Wise to find leads and contact information, then you are absolutely, 100% losing deals.
— Mike Otillo, Research Manager, Colliers International, Dallas
Utilizing the Business Wise database has made a direct impact on growing audience and revenue for the Dallas Business Journal. Being able to find and contact top executives and business owners directly has driven new business and relationships.
— Eileen Kornmeyer, Audience Development Director, Dallas Business Journal
We love the all-in-one approach that lets us access your up-to-date information with online access from anywhere. Y’all continue to do the research, the updates, the Drip Marketing, and provide the help with our target market and message. We’ll set the appointments and close the deals... a perfect match!
— Hank Randall, President, WSR Insurance, Atlanta
I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to use Business Wise. It makes such a huge difference helping us identify prospects. This product is incredible!
— Tara Green, Chief Revenue Officer, American Airlines Center, Dallas
I use Business Wise daily! It really helps me to save time and identify who I need to talk to. On a scale of 1-10, I give Business Wise a 9.5. It’s a great new business development tool!
— Gail Dougherty, Business Development Consultant, Charlotte Business Journal
My confidence and success with cold calling has skyrocketed thanks to Business Wise.
— Paul Terlemezian, President, iFive Alliances, Atlanta
Business Wise changed how I approach business sales. If it wasn’t for BWise, I would have been managed out of the business during my 1st year in outside sales. Today, my entire sales force in DFW uses this tool to for strategic prospecting. 
— Reggie Marable, Regional Sales Director, Sprint, Dallas
I have access to just about every prospect mining tool in the world, but Business Wise is, hands-down, the most valuable tool I use in my local new business development efforts.
— Joey Polk, Account Executive, Sprint, Dallas-Fort Worth
[Business Wise has] certainly helped me and my employers make a lot of money. We started in 2011, grew 690% and 95% of our business came from prospecting through Business Wise daily. I wouldn’t want to prospect in Metro Atlanta without it!
— Susan Wall-Faust, Division Director, Staffing Now, Atlanta
If the Business Wise database is used correctly the monetary impact created for the end user is tremendous.
— David Keene, Principal, Walden Businesses, Atlanta
I’ve been extremely busy thanks to Business Wise.
— Judy Hovis, Network Consultant, Windstream
Business Wise is a sales account manager’s DREAM. It works flawlessly in and out of the office, has a ton of useful features, and makes managing a team a breeze. Even technical support is top notch. I’d recommend this product 100 times over!
— Dee Wilson, Collins Digital Imaging, Atlanta
Business Wise is ‘my one app’ I have to have to do my job. National data providers just don’t cover Atlanta like you guys do. I can’t imagine prospecting in this city without it. Not only has it helped me get much more efficient & targeted in my business development, but it’s literally helped me open up parts of my territory that I couldn’t penetrate without it. It’s been a game changer!
— Meaghan Wood, Vice President, Capitol One, Atlanta
Business Wise has proven itself to be a great investment for us. Recently, our telemarketer set 2 appointments for me using BWise. The results? I closed 2 deals—one for 50K and one for 200K. I hope the results keep coming!
— Paul Mancini, Senior Account Executive, Clear Choice Telephones
The Business Wise query tools have been very useful in helping us to better target our campaigns to clients who are the most likely to benefit from the programs we offer.
— Lesley Snyder, Marketing Executive
Business Wise has proved to be an invaluable resource as we have used it to target particular market profiles, follow-up on inquiries, review websites and extract general company information. In sales, the support Business Wise provides is truly critical in our new business development efforts.
— Kit Reames McClung, Corporate Sales Manager, Callaway Gardens, Atlanta
I’ve been in hotel sales for 10 years in many different markets. Of all the prospecting tools I’ve ever used, Business Wise has got to be the most fun! I love how you can instantly see everyone in the same building as a prospect with a single click.
— Melissa Cothern, Corporate Sales Manager, Crowne Plaza, Atlanta
Business Wise has made it so easy to identify our main contacts. Our time spent on prospecting has been cut so much. Now we can more effectively spend our time producing rather than prospecting.
— Fay Gibson, Hampton Inn & Suites, Charlotte
Using Business Wise allows me to identify key decision makers before I even pick up the phone. Knowing exactly who I need to contact gives me extra confidence when making those difficult cold calls. I’ve worked with other lead generation companies in the past, but those other services haven’t been much better than cold calling straight from the phone book. Now, I can’t imagine cold calling without Business Wise—once you’ve used them you’ll never want to go back to anything else.
— Elizabeth Evans, Director of Sales & Marketing, See the Matrix, Charlotte
When I ask my sales team members how they discovered a new acquisition customer recently sold, the answer eight out of ten times is Business Wise. Needless to say the return on investment has been easy to justify.
— Deidre Jordan, Sales Manager, Sprint
I use Business Wise daily for pre-call planning and creating lists. It really speeds things up when you have to look for contacts. We continue to renew Business Wise because it is the best!
— Todd Bimberg, Branch Manager, The Bolton Group, Charlotte
The more I use the program, the more I find. The more I find, the more I like! Business Wise truly has a phenomenal product. Keep up the good work!
— Reggie Eubanks, General Manager, WT Standard Automotive & Collision, Atlanta

What Do People Say About BWise Drip Marketing?

You guys really knocked it out of the park with the BWise Atlanta database and lead gen capabilities. I normally try to suggest enhancements for the various tools I use, but frankly, I’m struggling to find things to suggest that you can improve. It’s very UI friendly and well-designed. I found the email campaign feature by far the easiest of the different platforms that I’ve used. You’re really on to something!
— Bryan Champ, Research Manager, Atlanta Journal Constitution
Business Wise has been a godsend. Their Drip Marketing system has helped generate a number of leads that have turned into new clients, without a lot of effort on my part. It helps us get in front of our prospects at the right time—when they have a need and when they’re open to hearing about what we do. I’ve just scheduled a 2nd appointment with a 400-employee group, which resulted from a Drip Marketing click-through.
— Gene Fidell, Regional President, Adams Keegan, Atlanta
Cannot argue with the results. All positive. The data is reliable and we even worked with their staff on creating a broad branding message that paid for itself the first day.
— Michael Guiffre, Director of Premium Sales & Service, American Airlines Center, Dallas
Thanks to Business Wise Drip Marketing, we recently closed a Luxury Suite with a prospect we had been unable to reach through our usual sales efforts. With one outreach marketing email with assistance from Business Wise, we made the vital connection that helped closed this large account—which is never easy to do in Premium Sport Sales.
— Andrew Silverman, Chief Revenue Officer, American Airlines Center
I was blown away by the Drip Marketing messaging that you put together for us. It clearly indicated that you had taken a lot of time and clearly thought through ‘who we are,’ ‘what we were trying to communicate to our prospects,’ and ‘what we want to accomplish’ with your Drip Marketing program. The fact that you did this level of work, unprompted, meant a lot. I told my staff: now THAT’s a company that has its act together.
— Hal Breedlove, President, HB Lands Real Estate
Really, email does work. Most years, Business Wise pays for itself (in ROI) after my first email message. The ongoing email marketing campaigns we do with Business Wise let our prospects contact us when the time is right.
— Tony Shannon, Partner, Waypoint Solutions, Charlotte

What Do People Say About BWise Mobile?

I just added BWise Mobile to my phone. Great work. This is an awesome add-on! You guys are doing a great job adding services to help your customers. BWise rocks!
— Phil Rosenfeld, VP Industrial Division, Colliers International, Dallas